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      "How can I tell?" was the reply; "that's none of my business. Probably he took his meals at the nearest restaurant and slept at home.[Pg 70] And if you don't believe my story, I can't help itI've done the best I can."

      "Same as a parson?" enquired Pete anxiously."I d?an't want you to bless meand maybe you w?an't t?ake my terms."

      Wells paused a moment, and then added

      Frank thought she had shown great self-denial in making two lists[Pg 21] instead of one, but intimated that there was not much distinction in the conditions she proposed. He promised to see about the matter when he reached Japan, and so the conversation on that topic came to an end.Reuben came in tired after a day's prodding and bargaining in Robertsbridge market-place. Rose, like[Pg 271] a wise woman, gave him his supper, and then, still wise, came and sat on his knee.


      There was not a word in reply, and after having given her good space to answer him, he spoke again.